Hello, I am Phillip Shakesby

Phillip Shakesby Interacive multimedia designer

Hello, I am Phillip Shakesby and I am an Interactive multimedia designer based in Kingston upon Hull. I specialise in creative, attractive and functional designs for web, mobile and kiosk.  As an interactive designer I like to focus on the how users interact with a design/product in order to provide a user friendly experience.

I have recently completed my BA (Hons) in Interactive Multimedia Design at Hull School of Art & Design, where I was honoured to be awarded the prestigious Dean’s Prize for Innovation in Design.

Phillip Shakesby receiving the HSAD Deans Prize for Innovation in Design

Phillip Shakesby receiving the HSAD Deans Prize for Innovation in Design

To see more about me and the work that I have done please visit my personal website:


This is the blog for my new academic endeavour; I am undertaking a MA in Media and Communications at Hull School of Art & Design.  I will be using this blog to explain my ideas, document my research and generally keep you up to date with my progression throughout the course.
When applying for the course I had to provide a brief outline of my chosen study subject matter in the form of an initial project proposal outline.  (To see my proposal click here)

In short I proposed to research learning theories in order to see how they fit into the world of Interactive or e-learning, to establish whether new media technologies are being used effectively, or if they could be used to provide greater educational benefits to the chosen target audiences.  I will then produce an educational application that could be used as a kiosk or installation in a museum/heritage site or as a tool for classroom based education.  The subject matter for my application will be The Vikings.

This is a very broad proposal with a large amount of scope for deviation in particular directions, I will be refining this proposal over the next few weeks through my initial research and the guidance of my tutors.

So why have I chosen this topic for my MA study?  The answer to that lies back in my BA where I developed a number of heritage based applications.

To see examples click below:

Hull History Viewer – http://www.pjshakesby.com/portfolio/portfolio_HHV.html

Look at Me – http://www.pjshakesby.com/portfolio/portfolio_Look_at_Me.html

H.I.M.N.A Information Kiosk – http://www.pjshakesby.com/portfolio/portfolio_HIMNA.html

Through these projects I found that I had an interest for using new media technology to educate and inform, and using the technology as a tool to look backwards into history was something I started to become very passionate about.
I see my progression through this course as a way of continuing my previous work; I hope that my research will help me to be able to deliver more effective pieces of design.


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