Competitive Analysis

BBC Primary History Vikings

Platform – Website

 Visual style – Illustrated cartoon style

 Target Audience – Primary school children are the target for this website as it is part of the BBC’s Primary History range.

Features -Teacher resources including:

Printable activities,



Interactive TimeLine – Although the timeline is interactive, the level of interactivity is quite basic which is appropriate for the younger target audience.

Activities – This site features two interactive games and a quiz. Thorkel and the trading voyage allows users to learn a little bit about Viking life through role play as Thorkel, during the game Thorkel  meets different people in his village, interacting with them, this gives the user a brief introduction to Viking village life. Dig it up on the other hand looks at how we find evidence of Viking life in today’s world through archaeology, Dr Amy Tan guides users on an archaeological dig to find Viking artefacts. The quiz asks users 3 questions to see if they are remembering what they have learnt from other parts of the site.

Video Content – The video content is quite short but very informative it provides visual and contextual reference for some of the information that the site is trying to deliver.

Overall Summary – This is a very good, well organised resource with varying content and levels of interactivity, It would be hard to find fault with this so instead I will just say Bravo well done BBC. *****


History for kids

Platform – Website

Visual style – Text based

Target Audience – Children

Features – Links to relevant books

Overall Summary – This site is awful it has a style that is inappropriate for its audience and is generally lacking in content.


History World

Platform – Website

Visual style – Text based

Target Audience – All ages

Features – Interactive Timeline – This is more like a date ordered search than an interactive timeline.

Quiz – This is a general quiz for the whole site, not relevant to the Vikings section.

Overall Summary – Historyworld’s aim is to make world history more easily accessible through interactive narratives and timelines. It is the brain child of university challenge’s former presenter Bamber Gascoigne, although the information provided is very good, it lacks interactivity, design flair and visual stimulation.

The Vikings

Platform – Website

Visual style – Text & image based

Target Audience – 7-8 year old children.

Features – Not a lot

Overall Summary – This site is trying to be child friendly but it is rather evident that whoever created it has no web design skills, it has poor imagery, the information is not organised very well and it does not display properly.

(There is also a link to a game that actually links to a swim wear shop.)

The Viking Museum

Platform – Website

Visual style – Text based

Target Audience – Not sure

Features – Time line & Links to books

Overall Summary – Lots of info but the site again is badly designed; too much text, bad typography and a lack of visuals.

I also looked at further Viking resources including:

None of these were particularly good in my opinion; the stand out resource seems to be the BBC’s primary history website. I am very surprised that I have been unable to find any mobile learning application on Viking history; this could be a possible void in the market for me to exploit.


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