Week 5, Year 2 Symposium & Theory In Practice (part 1)

Today I attended the year 2 symposium at the Hull School of Art & Design.  This was a fascinating insight into how fellow students of differing practices are and have been approaching their MA projects.  There seems to be no projects in either the 2nd year group or my own year that are closely comparable to my project and that slightly concerns me, although it is not really a new experience for me.  Throughout my BA Interactive Multimedia course I was the only student studying my particular discipline within the Hull School of Art and Design’s new media group, although other courses were similar in aspects, I had to establish my own viewpoint and approach that differed to the students around me, but I could still draw on their opinions from their disassociated vantage points.  Having my practice critiqued by people with a different perspective became a valuable asset to my practice and I can draw upon the perspectives of my peers from within my new environment.

We also had a lecture on embedding theory into practice this week which will also run into next week’s session, so I will elaborate more this subject after the conclusion of that session.


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