The iSchool Initiative

Here is an interesting take on how digital mobile devices in this case the iTouch could be used within education.

This is the mission statement of the iSchool Initiative taken from their website:

The iSchool Initiative is the conceptual brain child of Travis Allen, he formed the notion of the iSchool Initiative in 2009, after he was stopped whilst attempting to use an iPhone in class as la earning tool.  Allen felt frustrated with these limitations, so he formed a concept based upon mobile learning and established the iSchool Initiative.  With the help of the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) organisation Allen expanded his idea into a fully functioning, non-profit, student-led organisation that is dedicated to revolutionizing our education system through innovative technology.  Their mission is:

“to inspire and educate students on how to become life-long digital learners in the information age. We accomplish this by raising awareness for the technological needs of the classroom, providing collaborative research on the use of technology in the classroom, and guiding schools in the implementation of this technology.”

I like this idea and Travis Allen deserves credit for the way in which he is attempting to draw attention to the feelings and requirements of today’s generation of digital orientated learners.  I do have one slight concern though, with the name “The iSchool Initiative” and the constant references to products made by that particular company with a fruity name and logo, the initiative is could be accused of pandering to or been too closely affiliated with that one particular development company.

There is a worldwide business battle going on between the different mobile technology development companies, and I believe educational initiatives should not be seen to be favouring one or the other, there are many digital device platforms that could be used by education to facilitate a more effective learning experience for today’s generation, so the message should really be please can we try and incorporate educationally effective technologies regardless of platform into our education system.  To see more about the iSchool Initiative, see the links bellow:


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