All about The iPad

The iPad is a mobile tablet device designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc.

iPad advert 25/11/2011

Like other tablet computers the iPad is a touch screen controlled device that displays within a single panel. It allows the user to interact through touch screen gestures like: taps, pinches, swipes, rotates, drags and flicks. The iPad also has onboard devices for interaction including:

  • Accelerometer – A device that allows the iPad to determine and switch orientation between portrait and landscape modes.
  • Gyroscope – This is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation.
  • A-GPS – A system which uses relative proximity to nearby mobile phone towers to improve the performance of the GPS satellite-based positioning system.
  • Onscreen Keyboard – This is a mechanism that allows users to input textual information into the iPad.
  • Camera (iPad 2 only) – has two cameras one front-facing and one rear- both capable of capturing still images and video.
  • Microphone – This can be used for audio recording or sound level measurement.

The iPad is a platform that supports audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games and web content.

The iPad also allows users to download mobile applications, these are pieces of software designed and developed to run on the iPad, often called apps. There are currently over 140,000 applications available for the iPad, featuring a broad range of content.

app store advert 25/11/2011

The iPad is the most popular tablet computer in the world today, with a 68% share of the world market, so applications designed specifically for the iPad could potentially be accessed by a larger audience than an applications designed for another specific tablet computer.

pie chart showing Apple's share of the tablet computer market

The iPad 2 is Apple’s second-generation iPad, It is thinner, lighter and faster than the original and it features two cameras for video calling over Wi-Fi.

See the iPad 2 below:

iPad specs 25/11/2011

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