First Viking Character

I have been reworking the face for my main Viking character and you can see the old and new versions below:

I have also been working on the body for my characters, I have been watching video tutorials from to try and help me, I made a body to mould my Vikings clothing around, see below:


I have been researching Viking clothing in order to give my characters an accurate appearance, according to the BBC History Vikings website:

“Vikings wore clothes similar to those of people in England, Scotland and Wales at this time. Men wore tunics and trousers. Women wore long dresses, with a kind of long apron. Clothes were made from wool, linen and animal skins. Mostly people dressed to keep warm!”

The website also explains how the Vikings coloured their clothing:

“Vikings made vegetable dyes from plants to colour their clothes: blue (from the woad plant), red (from madder) and yellow (from weld).”

When I recently visited the Jorvic Viking Centre, I saw a real Viking shoe.,r:8,s:0

I used this when drawing my own Viking shoes and I also remember seeing examples of Viking dress, so I thought I would look at the descriptions of Viking clothing on their website, they say:

“The ordinary folk of the time wore clothes not dissimilar to the basic garments of the warrior. Men would wear a pair of trousers, most likely be made from wool. The tunic they wore would be long sleeved and quite long, perhaps down to the knees. This would be fastened at the neck by a brooch, and tied at the waist with a leather belt. In colder weather a wool or oiled leather cloak might be added to this ensemble.”

They also say: “Clothing was cared for and patched when necessary. The colours of the clothing ranged from muted beiges and browns for poorer folk, to the vibrant reds, yellows and blues of the wealthy. Shoes would be made from leather.”

Using the information I have researched, I created two versions of my first character; one wearing traditional a Viking tunic and another wearing Viking armour, the Jorvik Viking centre describes Viking armour:

“The most common image of a Viking is one in full battle dress with armour and weaponry. A Viking warrior was a well-armed and formidable opponent, but although there was a basic uniformity to their weaponry, Vikings did not wear any particular uniform. Protective gear might have included a leather body-protector, for those who could afford it, and additional protection from the knees to the neck was available in the form of a shirt of mail, sometimes called a brynie.”

I intend to use this to show that there were two sides to Vikings and that they were not just raiders, as Jorvik describes this is the most common image associated with the Vikings but it is important to me that my application shows a broader perspective of the Viking people.

I have added my two Viking variations to my application, see below:

I will add more detail about Viking clothing later in my application as I intend to have a page devoted to this topic.


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