Getting my application on my iPad

I reached the point where I needed to sign up as an Apple iOS developer and get the required certification, so I could begin testing my application on my iPad.  Through my previous research I know that this is a relatively easy process if you are working on an Apple Mac computer, as the process has been designed specifically for that scenario but unfortunately the process for window’s PC users is rather more complicated.

When I began this process I hoped that it would take me an hour or so, leaving me with plenty of time to get on with the next part of my project but like all best laid plans this was not destined to be the case.  I started by following a tutorial video by Adobe’s Lee Brimlow, see link below:

The tutorial breaks down the process into easy steps and you would think that the process is relatively painless but unfortunately for me this was not the case.  Everything was fine up until I created my adobe certificates, at which point you need to convert them into a PEM file, for me I was left with a rather long error message that stunted my progression and the tutorial was not much help at this point as it just assumed that the process would work as depicted, so I went in search of answers and there was a lack of information to be found but I did come across another tutorial, see below:

For this tutorial two different users had left comments saying they had encountered the same problem as myself and in both cases they stated that they had resolved the issue when they realised they had both missed an earlier step in the process, so I re-examined my steps and could not identify a step that I may have missed, at this point I had to leave it having now been working on it for a full day.

The next day with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm I continued to search for other possible solutions and kept returning to the missed step scenario, so I tried repeating the process several times unsuccessfully, I then tried to break down the code snippets provided in the tutorials and I realised that the Apple certificate filename in both tutorials is different to the certificate filename that was produced when I followed the process.  I then tried to produce another certificate to see if I had somehow unknowingly done something that created this differing filename but my new certificate still had the same filename as the previous one, this left me with the conclusion that Apple have started producing development certificates under a different name since the creation of the tutorial, so I amended the code to fit my certificate and thankfully, eventually I had no errors and was able to move on to the next step.

At this point you are required to type a password, so I began typing and nothing happened, the letters were not appearing on the screen and I restarted the process several times all with the same result; a frozen keyboard, so I searched for an answer to this problem and luckily I found one answer in a forum; the keyboard was not frozen, the problem was that whoever had programmed this process had not indexed forward, so the letters of your password were being entered just without a form of visual feedback, in other word they were there but just not visible, so this finished the process and I was now an official iOS developer with the required certification to get my app onto my device for testing.

So finally after two full days I have my app on my iPad, it works great and it looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself, so I am happy about that but the process involved was an absolute nightmare.


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