The power of new media

The power of new media could be an interesting angle for my essay.  During my research I found an interesting article entitled ‘New Media and Event: A Case Study on the Power of the Internet’, Cheng the author suggests that we are in an age that others describe as an information society where “communication is no longer restrained by spatial distance and temporal disparity” (Castells, cited in Cheng, 2009).  Cheng describes how people can express their opinions more freely online than they could before and draws attention to the fact that consideration is needed, to assess how technology blends with local indigenous cultures around the world.  Cheng uses the example of a young Chinese female protester who used an internet forum to express her gripe and due to the popularity of the medium her story became a major Chinese media headline.  This is something we are seeing more and more of, particularly now with people using the social network ‘Twitter’, to voice their thoughts on a wide range of matters, both appropriately and inappropriately.

The power of new media is immense, it gives users the ability to enhance their vocal existence in an arena without physical intimidation or confrontation, an amphitheatre where views can be expressed with relative anonymity if desired, where the user can hide behind the avatar.  This is an interesting debate that can have lots of ism’s applied to it, a debate perfect for academic investigation but I feel that it is simply not right for this essay.  Although it is totally applicable to my practice in a wider general sense, it is not relevant to my personal practice in my current situation and this essay needs to be a relevant perspective of my practice and my contexts at the present moment.

Cheng, C 2009, ‘New Media and Event: A Case Study on the Power of the Internet‘, Knowledge, Technology & Policy, 22, 2, pp. 145-153, Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 14 May 2012.


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