New media’s relationship to older, established media

Interactive media is part of a wider umbrella term ‘New Media’ and it is my intention in my essay to compare how new media relates to older, established media mediums?
One of the books I have been reading is ‘New Media, Old Media: A History and Theory Reader’.  This book is a wide-ranging compilation of theoretical works by top media scholars, examining the nature of old and new media.

It is not my intention in my essay to discuss the merits of differing media platforms, as I am well aware that there is often a worry surrounding my practice in academic terms, a worry that the technical merits and principles that make up a large part of my practice, do not lend themselves to academic writing.  I am purposely trying to avoid any route in my essay that may cause conflict between traditional academia and my practice.  This limits what I can discuss in my essay but another way to look at this, is that it forces me to focus my efforts in other areas.

In this book I have found a lot of very relevant information for my essay, which will not only fit well into a chapter about old media vs. new media but will also compliment the previous chapter about the lack of clarity surrounding my practice.

In my essay I am hoping to focus upon my practice as a form of media amongst other forms of media, rather than delving deep into any technical or design specific information that may confuse or bamboozle the un-enlightened.


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