Where did they travel? part 01

I have started work on the next section of my application entitled ‘Where did they travel?’, the first part of this section is an overview of where and why the Vikings travelled and to support the textual information I have created a map showing some of the places the Viking travelled, see below:

Obviously a map of this size cannot be displayed effectively in the small space I have available in my application, so I have made the map a draggable feature so that the user can move the map and focus on a particular area, I have also been testing out the feature, common on a lot of mobile applications where the inspection of visual content may be necessary.  Pinch to Zoom is an input method designed for use on multi-touch devices where the user touches the screen with two fingers drawing them towards each other in a pinching motion, this then results in a zooming function on the device, I got the code working to enable this feature but have subsequently disabled this feature as it was hard to control and I felt it would have caused more harm to the user experience than any benefits that may have been gained.  To see the finished dragable map, see the video below:


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