Life drawing week 2

This week some students from the architecture courses joined us; this was good as it gave me a chance to draw comparisons between my efforts and theirs.

As I started I struggled to get going but I remembered what I had learnt in the previous lesson and as I continued my drawings improved.  My drawings aren’t as good as my first week but it is worth remembering that in my first week I had one to one instruction which aided me greatly.  When I compared my drawings to those produced by the other students I was a bit disheartened, there was a distinct gulf in quality between mine and theirs but after speaking to them it became apparent that although none of them had done life drawing before, they all came from a drawing with a pen or pencil background and thus my lack of experience in this field was placing me at a distinct disadvantage, so maybe my work is not that bad and I know the key to improvement is practice.

IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0103


Hull Digital Live 2012

Hull Digital Live is a digital conference based in Hull which features talks by professionals from within the worldwide digital industry, having been unable to attend last year’s event I was really looking forward to attending this year’s event especially when recently I recently read the bio for one of this year’s guest speakers Fraser Speirs

So who is Fraser Speirs? And what will he be speaking about at HD Live 2012? (see below)

Fraser Speirs is an Apple Distinguished Educator and if you don’t know what that means neither did I until I investigated further. The Apple Distinguished Educator program is

“The Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) program was created to recognize K-12 and higher education pioneers who are using a variety of Apple products to transform teaching and learning. Today it has grown into a worldwide community of visionary educators and innovative leaders who are doing amazing things with technology in and out of the classroom. That includes working together — and with Apple — to help bring the freshest, most innovative ideas to students everywhere.”

I intend to post a blog in the near future with a more in depth look at Apples Programme but for time being let’s get back to the matter at hand. Buoyed by this fact there was a guest speaker that would be speaking on a subject directly related to my M.A research I proceeded to try and book my ticket for the event only to find out that this year there are no student priced tickets available and I cannot afford a full priced ticket but undeterred I contacted John Moss Hull Digital Lives’ founder to enquire about student priced tickets for this year’s event and he explained that student tickets are available but only to institutions and he told me Hull School of Art and Design have purchased a number of places, so he advised me to ask at Hull School of Art and Design, I know these tickets are usually reserved for new media degree students but I intend to enquire if there are any spare places available as I feel this event would be of great benefit to my M.A research.


1st Life Drawing Class 09/10/2012

Today I had my first life drawing class and I think it went okay considering I am an awful artist, we started by just experimenting making marks on the paper in order to get used to the new medium and materials, see below:

When the model arrived we started with short 5 minute poses, I found it quite difficult you can see the results below:

We then worked on a longer poses and with some much needed help from my tutor I managed to produce the image below:

It is rather obvious that the quality of my drawing is pretty low, but by the end of the lesson there had been a great improvement, I am not sure that I could have done it or that I could do again without the level of guidance I received but as I was reminded you’re not going to become a master of something after 1 lesson so hopefully as the weeks progress I can improve further.

Where did they travel? part 02 (Trading)

Q: What do an Arabian woman; A Viking and a camel have in common? (No it’s not a joke)

A: They all feature in the second part of my ‘Where did they travel?’ section of my application.

So how exactly do these things bare relevance to this part of my application?  Trade, the Vikings travelled all over the world trading and this is the focus of this part of my application.  To support the text in this part of my application, I am creating a middle eastern bazaar (market) to show how far the Vikings travelled to trade goods.  By choosing a middle eastern location, I am hoping to show how the Vikings may have encountered even further reaching cultures, through the convergence of traders from both east and west on middle eastern trading centres.  Far eastern silks have been found by archaeologists in Scandinavian graves and middle eastern pigments have been found on a recovered Viking ship, the favoured explanation for these seemingly out of place artefacts is trade.

I am hoping my bazaar scene will convey this sense of multicultural trade, to create my image I began by creating a mood board of inspirational images, see below:

Having decided on an idea, I searched for source material in order to help me create the individual elements of my scene, to create the elements I used two different methods.; the first method involved finding some images and digitally cutting out the parts I required, then using an Adobe Photoshop filter called Poster edges, in order to create an effect that would blend well with the imagery I generated using my second method, see example below:

The second method involved me finding source material which I used as inspiration to draw my own vector imagery, using Adobe illustrator, some of the images that appear larger and in the foreground of my scene have more detail than some of the images that appear in the background, see examples below:

I then blended both sets of imagery together to form one complete scene which you can see below:

Below is the finished image in my application with the accompanying text.

Life Drawing

As noted in some of my earlier blogs, I have being using my master’s project as a way of addressing some gaps within my skillset, one gap that I have been working upon is drawing characters.  I am not an artist nor am I an illustrator and my drawing skills are severely lacking, my application requires the production of many visual items, most notably in this area I need imagery of characters and thus I have been researching different ways of drawing characters and I believe my skills have improved remarkably but they still are not of the quality that I would like them to be.

In a meeting with our external examiner he agreed that my skills have improved and he suggested that undertaking a life drawing class may be beneficial as a way to improve further, I agreed and said that this is something that I had already considered but explained that due to my work and family commitments I have been unable to find a life drawing class that I can attend, but I have now finally found a class that I can attend.

My fellow M.A student Gareth Sleightholme has arranged an optional life drawing class for the new media students at Hull School of Art & Design and as a former new media student and current M.A student I have managed to organise a place on this course, hopefully it will help me improve my skills and can certainly do no harm, I start next Tuesday and I intend to keep a record of my progress on this blog, so if you wish to track my progress then please keep an eye my blog for further developments.

First Session of Year 2

Today we had our first session of year 2 back at uni, it was good to see my fellow M.A students after the summer break and we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our projects to the new intake of M.A students.  One worrying point was that we were told that our M.A base room is been reassigned for a different use, as it is been underutilised, granted I did not need the use of the room much last year and since I have been using the room I have been in there on my own but this could not have come at a worse time for me, as I have been making regular use of the room over the past two weeks as the new media studio that I have been previously working in has been too busy and noisy with the new intake of new media students.  As of this moment I am not sure what I am going to do?