Life Drawing

As noted in some of my earlier blogs, I have being using my master’s project as a way of addressing some gaps within my skillset, one gap that I have been working upon is drawing characters.  I am not an artist nor am I an illustrator and my drawing skills are severely lacking, my application requires the production of many visual items, most notably in this area I need imagery of characters and thus I have been researching different ways of drawing characters and I believe my skills have improved remarkably but they still are not of the quality that I would like them to be.

In a meeting with our external examiner he agreed that my skills have improved and he suggested that undertaking a life drawing class may be beneficial as a way to improve further, I agreed and said that this is something that I had already considered but explained that due to my work and family commitments I have been unable to find a life drawing class that I can attend, but I have now finally found a class that I can attend.

My fellow M.A student Gareth Sleightholme has arranged an optional life drawing class for the new media students at Hull School of Art & Design and as a former new media student and current M.A student I have managed to organise a place on this course, hopefully it will help me improve my skills and can certainly do no harm, I start next Tuesday and I intend to keep a record of my progress on this blog, so if you wish to track my progress then please keep an eye my blog for further developments.


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