Where did they travel? part 02 (Trading)

Q: What do an Arabian woman; A Viking and a camel have in common? (No it’s not a joke)

A: They all feature in the second part of my ‘Where did they travel?’ section of my application.

So how exactly do these things bare relevance to this part of my application?  Trade, the Vikings travelled all over the world trading and this is the focus of this part of my application.  To support the text in this part of my application, I am creating a middle eastern bazaar (market) to show how far the Vikings travelled to trade goods.  By choosing a middle eastern location, I am hoping to show how the Vikings may have encountered even further reaching cultures, through the convergence of traders from both east and west on middle eastern trading centres.  Far eastern silks have been found by archaeologists in Scandinavian graves and middle eastern pigments have been found on a recovered Viking ship, the favoured explanation for these seemingly out of place artefacts is trade.


I am hoping my bazaar scene will convey this sense of multicultural trade, to create my image I began by creating a mood board of inspirational images, see below:

Having decided on an idea, I searched for source material in order to help me create the individual elements of my scene, to create the elements I used two different methods.; the first method involved finding some images and digitally cutting out the parts I required, then using an Adobe Photoshop filter called Poster edges, in order to create an effect that would blend well with the imagery I generated using my second method, see example below:

The second method involved me finding source material which I used as inspiration to draw my own vector imagery, using Adobe illustrator, some of the images that appear larger and in the foreground of my scene have more detail than some of the images that appear in the background, see examples below:

I then blended both sets of imagery together to form one complete scene which you can see below:

Below is the finished image in my application with the accompanying text.


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