Life drawing week 2

This week some students from the architecture courses joined us; this was good as it gave me a chance to draw comparisons between my efforts and theirs.

As I started I struggled to get going but I remembered what I had learnt in the previous lesson and as I continued my drawings improved.  My drawings aren’t as good as my first week but it is worth remembering that in my first week I had one to one instruction which aided me greatly.  When I compared my drawings to those produced by the other students I was a bit disheartened, there was a distinct gulf in quality between mine and theirs but after speaking to them it became apparent that although none of them had done life drawing before, they all came from a drawing with a pen or pencil background and thus my lack of experience in this field was placing me at a distinct disadvantage, so maybe my work is not that bad and I know the key to improvement is practice.

IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0103


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