Meeting with James Field

Today I had a meeting with my former tutor James Field (from my B.A days) to show him the work I have done and to get some feedback from a fellow new media designer.  James was very impressed with the work I have done and his feedback was incredibly useful, he pointed out a couple of areas for improvement but in general it was just a bit of tidying up.  As a result of this meeting I intend to:

  • Tidy up my text by removing one of my font types and setting up guides to make my text more consistant.
  • Making headings a constant size and by that I mean due to the differing amount of words and length of words, the headers currently are consistent in font size but vary in terms of screen real estate, so I will adjust the size of the headers so they occupy a more consistent space upon the screen.
  • I will also explore ways of making it clearer to the user, the relationship between the upper and lower levels of the navigation system.

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