Viking Settlements

I have just completed the Viking settlements part of my application; I have chosen to concentrate on Viking settlements in:

  • England & Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • America


To accompany the text in the England & Scotland part of the app, I added a fading animation that changes states between illustrating how the country was divided and where the main Viking settlement in the area are, see video below:

For the Ireland section, I added an illustration of a piece of Viking metal work to accompany the text and I also illustrated a Norwegian fjord to reinforce the textual information, see image below:

vikings in Ireland

To illustrate Greenland I have used an image that I created early on in my research, as I was experimenting a bit more with Photoshop but it fits well with the scene, see below:

vikings in iceland

To reinforce the text information that Iceland was very cold, I decided to make my Iceland scene very wintery, see below:

vikings in greenland

For the section regarding America, I wanted to reinforce the fact that Vikings where at conflict with the Native American Indians.  I needed some American Indian characters, so I started by creating a mood board, see below:


I then drew two characters, see below:

Indian Characters

Next I placed them in a scene which I hope depicts the conflict that I intended to illustrate, see below:

vikings in america


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