How did they live? so far!

I have also been working on the how did they live section of my application the text is finalised but I am still generating imagery. This is how it currently looks (see below)


Viking towns

I have started working on the Viking towns section of my application, I have finalised my text and started producing imagery, see below:

viking_towns_map viking_towns_part2



This section is currently ongoing and I will post more info as I progress.

Viking Clothing

I have finalised my text for the Viking clothing section and added it to my application, it is my intention to have a ‘colour in the Vikings clothes’ interactive within this section but this is still yet to be added, the section currently looks like this, see below:

Viking clothing so far

User testing with my son.

Today my son asked me if he could see some of my work, so I thought I would take the opportunity to observe his interaction with my application, in order to get some user feedback.  He really seemed to enjoy the application and he liked the interactive aspects in particular.  He said the bit he liked the most was my recent addition, where the user can see them self wearing a Viking helmet.

Viking Weapons

I have compiled and added my text to this part of my application, the imagery for this section did not need generating from scratch as I have already created imagery of Viking weapons at an earlier date. In this case I just made some slight adjustments and added them to the application, see below:

waepons page

When you click on each weapon, further information about that particular weapon then becomes available, and in the case of the helmet there is an interactive, where the user can see them self as if they were wearing the helmet, see video below: