Viking House Interactive part 2

Today I have put together a simple fade between animations to reinforce to the user that Viking houses were made from different materials, depending on what materials were available in the local vicinity, a point that is also made in the text within the application.

Although this is a very basic animation, it is a great example of how digital media can deliver information simply but effectively.  A book would struggle to deliver the same amount of information as effectively within the same amount of visual real estate, this is one of the advantages of digital media.

See video below:


Interactive Viking House

Today I have been putting together the interactive for building a Viking house, the aim of this part of the application is to reinforce the textual information about the materials the Vikings used to build their houses.  This interactive will also provide the user with a basic interactive visual representation of the Viking house building process.  The user can make decisions about which materials they wish to use to build a Viking house, resulting in six different possible versions of a Viking house.

Shield Decoration

We currently have lots of snow and it turns out this has been very good for my application, as I have found myself disregarding other day to day tasks in favour of staying in and working hard on my application. This increased productivity has come in the form of adding interaction to a previously static piece of content within my application.

Within the Viking weapons section I explain how Vikings would sometimes paint or decorate their shields, so I decided to give the user the ability to decorate a shield by digitally finger painting their own designs onto the shield on screen.  This is not a brand new radical idea, as many educational books in the past have had section that children can colour in, this is just a simple interactive element that reinforces the textual information interactively, by digitally recreating the colouring in element found in many traditional media publications and I hope the users will enjoy this extra bit of interactive fun.

See video below:


Camera Orientation

Over the past couple of days, amongst other things I have attempting to fix a slight issue that I have found, with the part of my application where the user can see themselves wearing a Viking helmet. With the previous version of this part of my application, the camera view was not readjusting with the stage orientation event or in laymen’s terms, when the device is rotated 90 degrees the camera view was showing a sideways view of the users head.

I started with a very long winded method, involving lots of code that just would not work no matter what I tried, so today I deleted it all and started again and it worked straight away.  This was only a minor issue but it is important to try and maximise user experience in all screen orientations.