Viking House Interior Interactive

I have recently been creating an interactivity to show my users what the interior of a typical Viking house may have looked like.  Earlier in my MA I mocked a very basic interpretation of a Viking house interior (see here), I have used my earlier work as a guide but due to further research and discussion regarding my original with better artists than myself, I have re-dawn the majority of the content and added further content to my image.  Within my application different elements will be interactive, i.e.  a user will be able to select individual items within the interior of the building, to access further information relevant to the selected item (see the video below)

I am once again trying to make the best use of the interactive nature of the platform, in order to break up text and deliver in relevant sections where the user can see the relationship between visual content and textual information, in this case a direct correlation is possible due to the relationship between the interaction of choosing a visual object and the information been displayed as a result.  I have also reinforced this relationship further with an arrow that directly links the textual information and the visual representation.


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