How Did They Live

Today I have been developing imagery for the How Did They Live section of my application, within the text in this section there is a description that explains that most Vikings knew how to fight.  It also explains that Vikings took dishonour very seriously and insults could lead towards blood feuds ending in death, especially when it came to defending the honour of their family, so I have chosen to illustrate this part of the application with an image of two Vikings fighting, the reason for their fight is illustrated by two speech bubbles showing a dialogue in which one Viking insults the others wife and the other Viking responds with a threat to kill, this will hopefully illustrate in imagery the message that is been delivered in the text, supporting and reinforcing the delivery of information to the user.

I have tried to take advantage of the medium by using a simply fade in and out animation of each Vikings discourse, to show the interaction between the two characters as an exchange.  I could have tried to create an actual fighting animation but my animation skills are not at that level and I do not believe I would have been able to do it justice visually; a full fighting animation may also have slowed the application down.  I believe the visual illustration I have created although quite simple is effective and fulfils the purpose for which it is intended.

See the video below:


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