Viking Rune Stone Keyboard

I am very happy to be making this post because it means that I am back in the production element of my application.  As much as I enjoy acquiring new information, I really prefer the creative production side of my practice.  I am currently working on the Viking language aspect of my application; the Vikings used a symbol based written language that they called Runes and alongside my research I have created a Viking Rune mood board that you can see below:


It is my intention to provide the user with an on-screen Rune keyboard, so that the user can write their name in Viking runes.  I have started working on the development of the Rune Keys for the keyboard and my design for these is based upon Rune stones which were commonly used by the Vikings for casting, which was a part of Viking magical practice and fortune telling.

As part of my development I have learnt a new technique for applying textures in Adobe flash, which I learnt from an online tutorial (see here).

My design is based upon a rough drawing that I made in my sketch book, see below:


Below you can see my design for the Rune Stone keyboard:


The next stage of the development with regards to this feature is developing a code script, which makes the Runes appear on the screen as the user presses the keys shown in the image above.



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