Life drawing week 4

This week’s session was un-tutored and was run by the model, this meant I got no tips or pointers but it also meant I could just relax and have a go.  I also tried sitting down working with my board on the back of another chair, this was a much more comfortable position and I really enjoyed this week’s session, see my work from this session below:

IMG_0108 IMG_0109


Life drawing week 3

After a couple of weeks off, the life drawing session returned this week. I really struggled, I felt sore and uncomfortable during the entire session but hopefully I will do better next time, see my efforts below:

IMG_0087 IMG_0089 IMG_0090

Life drawing week 2

This week some students from the architecture courses joined us; this was good as it gave me a chance to draw comparisons between my efforts and theirs.

As I started I struggled to get going but I remembered what I had learnt in the previous lesson and as I continued my drawings improved.  My drawings aren’t as good as my first week but it is worth remembering that in my first week I had one to one instruction which aided me greatly.  When I compared my drawings to those produced by the other students I was a bit disheartened, there was a distinct gulf in quality between mine and theirs but after speaking to them it became apparent that although none of them had done life drawing before, they all came from a drawing with a pen or pencil background and thus my lack of experience in this field was placing me at a distinct disadvantage, so maybe my work is not that bad and I know the key to improvement is practice.

IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0103

1st Life Drawing Class 09/10/2012

Today I had my first life drawing class and I think it went okay considering I am an awful artist, we started by just experimenting making marks on the paper in order to get used to the new medium and materials, see below:

When the model arrived we started with short 5 minute poses, I found it quite difficult you can see the results below:

We then worked on a longer poses and with some much needed help from my tutor I managed to produce the image below:

It is rather obvious that the quality of my drawing is pretty low, but by the end of the lesson there had been a great improvement, I am not sure that I could have done it or that I could do again without the level of guidance I received but as I was reminded you’re not going to become a master of something after 1 lesson so hopefully as the weeks progress I can improve further.

Life Drawing

As noted in some of my earlier blogs, I have being using my master’s project as a way of addressing some gaps within my skillset, one gap that I have been working upon is drawing characters.  I am not an artist nor am I an illustrator and my drawing skills are severely lacking, my application requires the production of many visual items, most notably in this area I need imagery of characters and thus I have been researching different ways of drawing characters and I believe my skills have improved remarkably but they still are not of the quality that I would like them to be.

In a meeting with our external examiner he agreed that my skills have improved and he suggested that undertaking a life drawing class may be beneficial as a way to improve further, I agreed and said that this is something that I had already considered but explained that due to my work and family commitments I have been unable to find a life drawing class that I can attend, but I have now finally found a class that I can attend.

My fellow M.A student Gareth Sleightholme has arranged an optional life drawing class for the new media students at Hull School of Art & Design and as a former new media student and current M.A student I have managed to organise a place on this course, hopefully it will help me improve my skills and can certainly do no harm, I start next Tuesday and I intend to keep a record of my progress on this blog, so if you wish to track my progress then please keep an eye my blog for further developments.