About Me & This Blog

Hello, I am Phillip Shakesby and I am an Interactive multimedia designer based in Kingston upon Hull. I specialise in creative, attractive and functional designs for web, mobile and kiosk.  As an interactive designer I like to focus on the how users interact with a design/product in order to provide a user friendly experience.

I have recently completed my BA (Hons) in Interactive Multimedia Design at Hull School of Art & Design, where I was honoured to be awarded the prestigious Dean’s Prize for Innovation in Design.

This is my blog/journal in which I will post updates and work as I progress through my MA at Hull School of Art & Design, please follow my progression and feel free to leave comments or contact me.


One thought on “About Me & This Blog

  1. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for viking designs to burn into my rowing chest. I was fascinated with your blog and ended up scrolling through most all of the posts. Alas, it has come to an end in May 2013. Does this mean you are done? Was your external examiner brought around to see the light? Is your application available to us mere mortals who revere “‘Jack’s’ of all trades”? My daughter is turning 10 and our family plays Vikings a couple of times through the year. Your application would be something she would really enjoy so I do hope that it is available soon.

    Lori L.

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